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Public Comment 201809c00001s13: restricted cardinality of AugmentedSignature



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      extended cardinality

      extended cardinality


      Comments from TC ESI to OASIS DSS-X TC on DSS-X V2 - 13 of 19 submitted by Liaison Andreas Kuehne on behalf of Sonia Companies via message  201809c00001 per attachment with accessibility issues (word file)

      following steering committee call on 17/09 and addition of 2 other editorial comments, the resulting pre-agreed comments are now for ESI approval for submission to OASIS DSS-X TC by 28 September

      Comment #13:

      Clause 4.3.8. OptionalOutputsVerify and Clause 4.3.32 AugmentedSignature
      Clause 4.3.8 only allows one instance of AugmentedSignature, and AugmentedSignature may only contain one SignatureObject. It is not possible to return more than one AugmentedSignature if no changes are done to the XML schema. In addition to that if the augmented signature is within it is returned within the component DocumentWithSignature, which makes it difficult to notice that it is an augmented signature.
      1.      Make it possible that a response may contain more than one AugmentedSignature occurrences.
      2.      Make it possible that an item of AugmentedSignature may also contain a DocumentWithSignature sub-component…in other words, make its content a choice of either a SignatureObject OR a DocumentWithSignature, so that it is clear that regardless where the signature appears in the response it is clear that it is an augmented signature.
      AK: The requirement for returning detailed information of validation of several signatures is more an item for profiles than for the core.
      JC: very good point. I fully agree. TS 119 442 is a profile of the DSS-X core 2.0 that defines new types/elements and restricts the usage of certain elements in the core: expands it and restricts it.
      CONCLUSION: Pass the comment to DSS-X.




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