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PMRM study by ISO WG 5




      John Sabo in touch with Jamie regarding interest at WG 5 in seeing how PMRM fits with their work.

      On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 8:15 AM, John Sabo <john.annapolis@comcast.net> wrote:

      We had what I thought was a very useful meeting today with Kai and Jan of WG5. They seemed genuinely interested in the PMRM, and they felt that establishing a formal Study Period within WG5 would be the best path forward to exploring how that may happen. They were not receptive of other options (PMRM as PAS submission or merely having ISO reference PMRM as a "normative" work).

      To do that with OASIS participation (I believe they said a Category C Liaison with ISO), they need a letter from OASIS requesting the liaison. Kai or Jan will send a template if needed for your use. Gershon and I are able to serve as the official liaisons. Not sure if you also want to do so.

      Meanwhile, Antonio Kung will draft a proposal for the Study Period and send it around for comment. If he gets the request in this week, it can be added to the formal agenda at the next WG5 meeting, in Abu Dhabi, 23-27 October (see Antonio's note below). This would enable me and/or Gershon to have speaking time at the meeting to discuss the PMRM and move the proposal forward.

      I can call you to brief you on the meeting from my notes, but we do need to begin the liaison process moving forward as part of the Study Period mechanics.

      Let me know if you will have some time for a call.






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