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Submit XLIFF V2.0 to ISO TC 37




      Email to me, Jamie received 9/23 from Peter Reynolds:

      "Dear Jamie, Chet,
      At the last meeting of the XLIFF TC’s promotions and liaison committee I was asked to work on our proposal to have XLIFF 2.0 published as an ISO standard and I am writing to you to start work on this.

      I would like to thank both of you for your support and advice you have given us already in relation to XLIFF becoming an ISO standard. Chet’s contribution to our last meeting was particularly useful as he explained what we needed to do from the OASIS’ perspective.

      As I understand the first step in the process is for the TC to write to the OASIS leadership and request that OASIS propose XLIFF 2.0 as a standard to ISO. Chet said he believed Jamie may have a template or could offer us pointers as to what we should write. Would you be able to give me this template? I would also appreciate you checking our application before we vote on it and send it to the OASIS leadership. Is that OK?

      On the ISO side we have identified ISO TC 37 as the technical committee which deals with translation related standards. We are an A liaison member of this committee and the liaison members are Jamie and myself. Within TC 37, subcommittee 5 deals with translation and interpreting so they are the subcommittee which would deal with XLIFF. We should be an A liaison member of this cub committee also. I have drafted a letter proposing this. I would appreciate you checking it and ensure it approves with OASIS liaison policies.

      Thank you in advance for your work with us on this.




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