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Vocabulary files for ReSpec are not the same as the OSLC published namespace vocabulary files



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      The OSLC Core vocabulary files are partitioned by OASIS multi-part specification document so they can be used in the Terms section in each document. However Core has only one ontology namespace, so these are all multi-parts of a single ontology (which wouldn’t have multiple labels). This may include merging content from the core2 vocabulary. When the vocabulary is published, all these files will need to be merged, along with any contribution from OSLC Core 2.0 into a single oslc-core.ttl vocabulary that is published on open-services.net/ns.

      As a result, the files used to generate the Terms section in the specifications and the file used to publish the definitive vocabulary for the OSLC namespace are different. That can be managed. But it might be useful to consider:

      1. merge these files once
      2. store a single file in SVN
      3. publish a OSLC Specification version of that file to the open-service.net namespace
      4. create a single specification document that contains the full vocabulary as one of the multi-part specification documents
      5. Update the Terms sections in the other specification documents to include a brief summary of terms introduced in that section with a URL link to an appropriate anchor element in the Terms document.

      This would eliminate any potential discrepancies between the specification and published namespace documents, simplify document management of OSLC Core, and provide the vocabulary HTML view in a single document instead of spread over many documents.




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