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Provide TRS consumers with an efficient means of accessing tracked resources



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      A TRS defines a base of member resources and a change log of creation, deletion or modification change events. The member and changed elements are URLs to the resources, the TRS does not contain any data from the resources themselves.

      A TRS change event can include a TRS Patch element that provides the changed property values without requiring the TRS consumer to do an additional GET on the resource.

      However in most cases, a TRS consumer that needs actual resource data from base or changed members of a TRS will need to do individual GETs on each of the resources in order to establish initial copies, or update existing copies.

      This can be a very inefficient and time consuming process for TRS resources that have a large number of rapidly changing members.

      There is a need to provide a more efficient way of getting information from more than one tracked resource at a time so the GETs can be batched together and included inline in a resource.




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