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      DITA Adoption


      The DITA Adoption TC has voted to close.

      The vote is recorded in the TC email message:

      Text of email:

      Subject: NOTES: 09-14-2021 OASIS DITA Adoption TC Meeting (PLEASE READ)

      From: "Dr. Stanley Doherty" <>
      Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2021 16:29:46 +0000 (UTC)
      NOTES: 09-14-2021 OASIS DITA Adoption TC Meeting

      1. Attendance:
      Stan Doherty (Secretary) present
      Keith Schengili-Roberts (Chair) present
      Scott Hudson (Voting Member) present
      Kathy Madison (Voting Member) present
      Gershon Joseph (Voting Member) present
      Kristen Eberlein (Voting Member) present

      2. TC Vote on the motion:

      MOTION: That the OASIS DITA Adoption TC close its activities per OASIS
      policy of lack "TC Vitality" (

      MOVED: Keith Schengili-Roberts
      SECONDED: Gershon Joseph

      All six voting members in attendance voted in the affirmative.

      Stan Doherty (Secretary) YES
      Keith Schengili-Roberts (Chair) YES
      Scott Hudson (Voting Member) YES
      Kathy Madison (Voting Member) YES
      Gershon Joseph (Voting Member) YES
      Kristen Eberlein (Voting Member) YES

      The motion carried.

      2. Next steps:

      • AI/Stan: Send notes from this meeting to the Adoption TC list.
      • AI/Stan: Update the Adoption TC meeting schedule.
      • AI/Keith: Touch base with Chet Ensign about any closure issues.

      3. Next meeting:

      • Not scheduled.

      4. Adoption mailing list:

      • We'd like to keep it alive for a few weeks to facilitate the coordination
        of any closure or transition issues.




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