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EMIX Resource defintions does not include all elements required for EI/ADR for Registered Resource and Feedback



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      Bruce Bartell

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      Added missing (unmapped) items to EMIX resource attributes/elements defined in EMIX Spec. Resource elements should also be defined in EMIX schemas for use by EI schemas.

      Added missing (unmapped) items to EMIX resource attributes/elements defined in EMIX Spec. Resource elements should also be defined in EMIX schemas for use by EI schemas.


      Document Summary of Mapping of Resource from UCA/IRC Model to EMIX contains the following:
      Resource related attributes that may be missing from EMIX.
      Note: Some of the Resource related attributes that are applicable to Resource Registration may also apply to Resource Feedback (a.k.a. Offer vs. Dispatch). The attributes should be identified for appropriate applicability. The document "Service Inventory Mapping OADR to EI" identifies mapped attributes, which are not identified in this issue. We may want to review for semantic consistency. e.g. is Load always applicable to load reduction and Power applicable to Generation? Minimum and Maximum definitions do not always contain the words reduction and generation.


      Constraints in EMIX (and much of CIM Market Ops) are identified as separate attributes. The UCA/IRC model identifies as a list of identifiers for Constraint Type with an associated value.
      ConstraintInterval daily
      ConstraintInterval date
      ConstraintInterval hourly
      ConstraintInterval weekly
      ConstraintType blackOutDate
      ConstraintType maximumCallsPerDay
      ConstraintType maximumConsecutiveDays
      ConstraintType maximumDuration
      ConstraintType maximumEnergy
      ConstraintType maximumStarts
      ConstraintType minimumDuration
      ConstraintType minimumStarts
      ConstraintType operationalMaximumRuntime
      ConstraintType operationalMinimumRuntime
      ConstraintType scheduleMinimumRuntime,
      ConstraintType timeOfDay
      Constraint DateTimeInterval end
      DateTimeInterval start

      Demand Response Program - Capacity and Constraints are applicable to a time frame and Demand Response Program, and can be modified applicable to a DR Event period.
      DemandResponseProgram mRID
      DemandResponseProgram name
      DemandResponseProgram type
      DemandResponseProgram validityInterval
      Enrollment - The enrollment of a Facility or Resource for participation in the DR Market.
      Enrollment changeDate
      Enrollment effectiveDate
      Enrollment endDate
      Enrollment mRID
      Enrollment name
      Enrollment programEnrollmentStatus
      ProgramEnrollmentStatus approvedEnrollment
      ProgramEnrollmentStatus denied
      ProgramEnrollmentStatus pendingEnrollment
      ProgramEnrollmentStatus seperated
      ProgramEnrollmentStatus underReview

      Ramp Rate attributes are identified in EMIX, but there are some notable structural and semantic differences. CIM and IRC/UCA models identify a direction attribute and associated values, rather than separate ramp up/down (Drop/Raise in EIX?).
      RampRate rampRateType
      RampRateType emergency
      RampRateType normal
      RampRateType regulation
      RampRateDirection both
      RampRateDirection downward
      RampRateDirection upward
      RampRateSegment segment
      RampRateSegment value

      Resource.resourceGroupID Grouping of Resources that can respond to the same DR Signal. (mapped to resourceClass, not too sure this maps)

      For Resource Type, need to look at DR Objectives dispatch to insure that the value and direction would not be ambiguous or just backwards if the same resource could be generation or load at different times. And look at ramp rates for this as well.
      ResourceType combination
      ResourceType generation
      ResourceType loadReduction

      Remaining attributes are ID and Location related, covered under other JIRA issues. Keep in mind that Resource locations are always point locations, and must be associable to a meter.

      The following Resource attributes are identified in EMIX, but may be applicable to EI usage.
      Response Time
      Power Ramp Rate
      Required Notice Time
      Shutdown Cost
      Offer Segment
      Minimum Resource Cost
      Minimum Time Between Load Reductions
      Minimum Load Reduction Cost
      Maximum Operating Power
      Minimum Load
      Power Ramp Rate
      Is Controllable
      Min Load
      Min Load Reduction
      Min Load Reduction Cost
      Min Load Reduction Interval
      Min Time Bet Load Red
      Shutdown Cost
      Maximum Operating Power
      Minimum Operating Power
      Spin Reserve Ramp




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