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Consolidated list of verbiage adjustments



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      Gerald Gray

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      Make corrections as noted in the description.

      Make corrections as noted in the description.


      Line 329 - 300 change to: four types of prices are used:
      Line 353-354 "locked down" colloquialism,
      From: The prices may be fixed tariffs absolutely locked down
      To: The price may be fixed with no changes allowed to the tariffs
      Line 466 should be "mirrors"
      Line 573 paraphrase should be in quotes: "I won't turn on any resource for less than $100."
      Line 484 should be "actors"
      Line 494 from: "In this section, we clarify terminology for roles..."
      To: In this section terminology for roles is clarified
      Line 498 from: At this level of description, we ignore the presence of application level acknowledgement of invocations
      To: At this level of description the presence of application level acknowledgement is ignored...
      Line 503 change to: The typical push or pull patterns for interactions are also ignored but deferred to later sections.
      Footnote: Strike "we are indebted", Virtual End Note, Source: EPRI, http://my.epri.com/portal/server.pt?Abstract_id=000000000001020432
      Line 516 change to: There is no hierarchy implied by these examples, they are used to show how the pairwise
      Line 534change to: Two structured roles in each interaction have been defined
      Line 547 strike "as we have seen"
      Line 548 change to: the pattern is recursive as shown in Figure 5-45-4
      Line 557 change to: In this section the interaction patterns are described of the services for demand response respectively
      Line 560 change to: By applying the recursive definitions of VTN and VEN, specific services will be described in the next sections.
      Figure 5-6 should the R in DR be capitalized per the camelcase guidance in section 1.6 as DR is an acronym?

      Line 608 - 609 change to: The power object in EMIX can include specification of voltage, hertz, quality and other features.
      Line 685 change to: In the following sections services and operations consistent with [SOA-RM] are described.
      Line 687 change to: The roles are indicated by the table headings; Service Consumer for the actor or role that
      Line 690 change to: This terminology is used through all the service definitions that are described in this standard.
      Line 705 change to: The services are divided into four broad categories




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