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Issues with Normative References (Sections 1.3) and Non-Normative References (Section 1.4)



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      All proposals are inline with each issue description above.

      All proposals are inline with each issue description above.


      Normative References Section 1.3 (lines 219 through 249)

      Line 222 [RFC 5545]
      Delete if this is not the one we will use in final draft.

      Lines 224 - 227 [CEFACT]
      Delete lines 224 - 227 and replace with:
      5ISO 4217 3A - Code List Schema Module

      Line 231 [GML]
      GML reference (link) takes you to a click-through license.
      Delete or replace with valid link to spec.
      I don't think we can publish with a click-through license.

      Lines 232 - 234 [SOA-RA reference]
      I understand there is a relationship,
      but believe the normative reference is appropriate to EI more than EMIX.

      Lines 235 through 238: Delete (no references)

      Line 240 [UML]
      Replace link with

      Line 241 [URI]
      Fix formatting and link.

      Line 243 [WS-Calendar]
      Refers to WS Calendar TC page.
      Think we need the real link to the spec or artifacts for going public.

      Line 248 [XML Schema]
      This refers to XML Schema Part 2, but do we also use Part 1?
      If so should add that reference too.

      Non-normative References Section 1.4 (lines 250 - 271)

      Line 251 [EISA]
      Remove words ", online. Link retrieved 06/23/2010".

      Line 253 [FIX] (financial information exchange messaging)
      This link takes you to the front page of the
      "FIX Protocol Industry-Driven Messaging Standard" web site.
      Are we using this messaging standard concept in EMIX, or is this more appropriately EI?
      If it is used in EMIX then we should update the URL to point to the actual standard and make it a hot link.
      Otherwise delete.

      Lines 254 - 255 [IEC TC57]
      Link takes you to front page of TC 57 working group. This is a very broad body of work.
      3 of 4 links at the top 'help' section took me to a 404-not-found.
      No way to search for 'Power and Load Management' as per our reference.
      Need more specific link or strike reference until one is found.

      Lines 256 - 257 [ISO 2022] (another financial industry messaging scheme)
      Takes you to a web page with powerpoints and other links.
      One link goes to the standard which is 5 parts.
      Are we actually using this standard?
      It is very specific and is basically a messaging scheme.
      If we are using it, we would be best to identify which of the 5 parts
      and put the link to here http://www.iso20022.org/UNIFI_ISO20022_standard.page
      or whichever of the parts we used and make it a hot link.

      Line 266 [NIST Roadmap]
      Remove words ", online. Link retrieved 06/23/1010:".

      Lines 271 - 272 [White Paper on WS-Calendar]
      This link is broken (not hot, double 'ws-calendar', has spaces) and so takes you to a google search.
      Should either fix or delete.




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