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Inconsistencies in Binding and Anchored semantics



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      Toby Considine


      There is an inconsistency at the heart of the core sematics of WS-Calendar

      From line 369:
      An Interval specifies how long an activity lasts. An Unanchored Interval is not bound to a specific date and time. The example below shows the components section of a WS-Calendar message containing a single Interval

      From table 1-6:
      Anchored An Interval is Anchored [in time] if it is Bound to a full date and time. A Sequence or Partition is Anchored if it contains an Anchored Interval, and when Fully Bound, the specific date, time, and duration of all Intervals can be determined unambiguously. Specific performance of a Service Contract always occurs in an Anchored Sequence.,
      Partially Anchored An Interval is Partially Anchored if EITHER its Date OR its Time is Bound. A Sequence or Partition is Partially Anchored if its Designated Interval is Partially Anchored.
      Unanchored An Interval is Unanchored if NEITHER its Begin Date nor its Begin Time are known.


      For a long time, there was an idea that there was a "date" and a "time" and that these were bound seperately. Drafts of the specification described binding a day, and letting the invoker name any time during the day, or naming time, and letting the invoker pick the day....This was found to be in conflict of many core semantics of iCalendar, and caused multiple issues in handling time zones.

      The specification now consistently using a date-time for all bindings. The specifcation is also now using Availability for the "time portion" of patially bound.

      We need to review the core sematics as they cascade down throughout the document.




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