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Suggested supplementary optional data classes with additional (optional) data types, detailed below



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      EiReports now have additional types, and allow multiple payloads ot be passed in each interval

      EiReports now have additional types, and allow multiple payloads ot be passed in each interval


      In order to provide optimum value and control and to meet the requirements of the ISO/utility, our units are required to send the following power data to the ISO/utility:

      1) Regulation Set Point Feedback - a repeat of the control value sent from the ISO/utility,
      2) Up Regulation Capacity Available - the up regulation capacity available to the ISO/utility,
      3) Down Regulation Capacity Available - the down regulation capacity available to the ISO/utility,
      4) Current Regulation Set Point - the regulation service that is currently being provided to the ISO/utility,
      5) Baseline Power - the system load that would exist were the system not providing regulation services,
      6) Instantaneous Power Flow, and
      7) 15-Minute Rolling Average of Power Flow

      One embodiment of the use of these parameters is outlined in Appendix I: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/energyinterop-comment/201108/bin00000.bin.
      Additionally, new control strategies would allow the ability to provide several energy parameters important to energy storage applications, including:

      8) Stored Energy - amount of energy currently stored
      9) Target Energy Storage - desired energy storage level
      10) Available Energy Storage - capacity available for further energy storage

      The Energy Interoperation v1.0 specification currently supports two data classes: PowerFeedbackType and EnergyFeedbackType (from Figure 8-8, line 1110 of working draft). Steffes requests that consideration be given to supplement these two data classes with the above-listed 10 parameters as optional data classes within the standard. These data types are necessary to facilitate frequency regulation and other Smart Grid Control for ISO/Utilities.




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