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WD 33 Specification Misc Textual Corrections and Clarifications



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: wd33
    • Fix Version/s: wd34
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    • Environment:

      Ed Cazalet

    • Proposal:

      Notes in line in Description - lines starting with *

      Notes in line in Description - lines starting with *
    • Resolution:

      Per notes in Description. Mostly accept.

      Per notes in Description. Mostly accept.


      383 Change [TeMIX] to [EMIX]

      • Accept

      Comment: Billing cycles may be monthly today, but in some cases are and can be much more frequent than monthly. Suggest eliminating reference to billing cycle. Therefore
      455 change "is smaller than the billing cycle" to "is typically one hour or less".

      • Change to "might be smaller than the billing cycle. Intervals are typically one hour or less."

      487 change "two or more actors" to "pairs of actors"

      • ...pairs of actors, and in a deployment relationships are established among two or more actors."

      489 insert "Transactive" before EI.

      • Accept

      555 insert "event-based" before dispatch

      • Accept

      655 "services and events" should be "services" I think.

      • Accept

      673 insert after Interoperation (with the exception of all single interval TeMIX profile interactions)

      • Accept. Also change "payload that varies" to "payloads with values that vary"

      984 "Feedback" should be "Report"

      • Accept

      1224 change "both buyer and seller will" to "any party may"

      • Accept

      1278 Accounts are not in the current schemas. Remove reference to Accounts.

      • Accept

      1486 : I disagree with the implication that "price signals" are quotes and tenders are not "price signals" Tender are more specific price signals than quotes which are only indications of a possible tender price.

      Recommend deleting 1486 and 1487 or giving a fuller explanation as above.

      • Partial accept. This is intended to say "don't call it a price signal, call it "a quote". The contrast between actionable and non-actionable price information is important - suggest

      "Price Quotes (via the EiQuote) service are not actionable as they are not a Tender. A Tender offers prices at which Transactions may be made."

      1532 - EiCreatedTransactionType correct the "ext_ref_nnn"

      • Accept - in corrected diagrams for wd34

      1538 "eliminate 1539 to 1545 which refer to verification and requirements tariffs.

      • Reject. This is the only place that Full Requirements tariffs are discussed, IMO.

      1584 Figure 8-1 Service Consumer is EnrolleeParty and ServiceProvider is EnrollAdminParty

      • ACCEPT

      14 Profiles - should have EIMarketContext and EiEnroll in both the OpenADR and TeMIX Profile and possibly the Price Distribution Profile.

      • ACCEPT

      1966 : The Two paragraphs are for OpenADR and Not for Price Distribution.

      • ACCEPT - may be useful as a footnote in contrast?




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