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Consistency: Variations in Malformed Packet Return Code (with one error)



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    • Affects Version/s: 5, wd10
    • Fix Version/s: 5, wd10
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      This is one example. It would be useful to review all references to Return Codes and ensure a consistent style.

      There are three variations:

      • hex return code
      • decimal (hex) return code
      • human readable name - hex return code - which is my preference for the style.

      1. Is this supposed to be "with Malformed Packet Return Code 0x81" (129 is the decimal value not the hex value)

      754 ... The receiver of a Malformed Packet MUST close the Network
      755 Connection and MAY send a CONNACK or DISCONNECT with Return Code 0x129 before doing so.

      2. This is the decimal (hex) variation:

      1617 Packet which has both QoS bits set to 1 it MAY send a DISCONNECT Packet with Return Code 129
      1618 (0x81), it MUST close the Network Connection.

      3. This is the human readable name - hex variation:

      2529 The Client or Server MUST validate that reserved bits are set to zero and close the Network Connection if
      2530 they are not zero. It MAY send a DISCONNECT packet with a Malformed Packet Return Code 0x81 in
      2531 response.




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