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Replace the term store by service and reduce number of triggerpoints in diagrams in section Client Interaction inside ODQP proposal pages 5/6



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      Inside the current revision of the proposal for an OData Delta Query Protocol i.e. [OData Delta Query Protocol Design 2012-12-19.docx](https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/47755/OData%20Delta%20Query%20Protocol%20Design%202012-12-19.docx) there might be room for improvement of readability:

      In general I think the two terms "store" and "local store" might better not be used in parallel as they are in the text in section "Client Interaction" on pages 5 and 6.
      I suggest using "remote store" instead of "store" or where /if this fact is opaque / or unimportant to the client better use "service" instead of "store".

      With respect to the two diagrams inside the section Client Interaction i.e. inside the subsection "Initial Population" on page 5 and "Result Maintenance" on page 6 it would in my opinion be beneficial to replace the label "Store" in the "scoping" box on the right-hand side with "Service".

      Also I think for these very top-level presentation of message/logic flow it might be better not to think of single/multiple page and last page result triggers, but only of not-last and last-page (since the delta link automatically starts at the first page.

      Thus I recommend changing the "More than one page?" 'DecisionDiamond' A) into 'Last page?' (identical to the trigger in the multi page case!) and B) adapt the yes/no "outcome-positions" i.e. "no" now to the left and "yes" to the bottom. This should render the flow much more readable and concentrates on the single trigger to act upon (from a client perspective) i.e. is the current response a last page with a new delta link or not?




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