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Fix issues with entity references and rationalize with $links




      In adding Entity References in OData-199, we introduced a few issues.

      First, we said that clients could return just references, in place of the actual entity, by putting $ref in the select clause. We then said it wasn't valid to include navigation properties with $ref in the select, but not other non-navigation properties. This is a bit arbitrary; the only data that needs to be returned an object is its references to other object(s); if links from those related objects are also of interest, they can be requested and retrieved as related links of those objects. Also, it's a bit strange to use $select for something that changes the type of object returned, from an entity to an entity reference; a path expression would be more suitable for this.

      Second, adding a path representation for relationships gives us a way to rationalize/generalize the special semantics around $links that we have today. We can use the $ref path expression to refer to the links that are added/deleted/enumerated, and provide a consistent representation of an entity reference in the payload (rather than have entity references for referring to entities in one case, and a separate URI construct for referring to entities in another case).




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