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    • Affects Version/s: ODF 1.2 Part 2 CD 1
    • Fix Version/s: ODF 1.2 Part 2 CD 2
    • Component/s: OpenFormula
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      The paragraphs of 3.1 are problematic in general. Rather that issue a flock of JIRA issues, here is how I propose to dispose of these paragraphs:

      1) First paragraph. Delete entirely. That formulas/expressions always return values may need to be said but it doesn't fit under a discussion of types. That tables cells may or may not have values and that those values may be "constant" or the result of applying a formula, doesn't belong here, either. We agreed on the conference call earlier today to remove the last two sentences.

      2) Second paragraph. Delete entirely. In part because of: "many functions," "some types," "different ways," etc. All of this is important but should be stated as either definitions or requirements under the functions in question.

      3) Third paragraph: If we keep the type v. pseudotype distinction, the statement would be: In OpenFormula a value is of one of the following types: (list types). And move it to the first paragraph.

      The rest of that paragraph should be moved to appropriate locations and converted to evaluator language.

      4) Forth paragraph: I await resolution of the portable document issue on this one.




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