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      Resolve issues as mentioned in the comments contain in this JIRA issue..

      Resolve issues as mentioned in the comments contain in this JIRA issue..


      Section 2.1: General.

      The first paragraph is unclear, some information should be added while
      other information - like the first part of the first sentence - is
      overly explanatory, not entirely correct and makes the spec less future
      proof. It points to the wrong appendix. Suggested alternative:

      OpenDocument uses a package file to store the XML content of a document
      as separate parts together with associated data as file entries in a
      nested directory structure in a single package file. Some of the file
      entries should be compressed to further reduce the storage and
      bandwidth footprint of the package. The package is a Zip file [ZIP],
      whose structure is described in Appendix C. ODF Packages impose
      additional structure on the Zip file to accomplish the representation
      of OpenDocument Format documents.

      The first line of the second paragraph: switch word 'creating' for
      'comprising'. The same line has a non-descript link to 'OpenDocument
      part 1', rather than a specific bibliographic reference.

      Fourth line of the second paragraph: should be "but only a single
      document SHALL be contained".

      Question: Which character sets are support in file names?
      Question: Are path names and file names case-sensitive?
      Question: What is the maximum allowed depth of the nested directory
      structure? Question: Is there an advice on files that themselves are ZIP
      Question: Are Multipart ZIP files allowed?
      Question: There seems to be no clear reference to the serialized
      version of an ODF file, e.g. the mapping in a single file.


      It would be more logical to switch 2.3 and 2.2, given the order in
      which the information needs to be implemented. Currently it is only
      implicitly clear that the file mentioned in 2.3 needs to be the first
      file in the Zip container.




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