The following suggestions have been taken from OFFICE-2306:

      Why is there a folder thumbnails if there can be
      only one thumbnail? Would it make sense to allow multiple sizes, in
      order for the whole spectrum of devices (from small screen devices to
      high end systems) to have a pleasing rendering? Question: Are there no
      constraints or recommendations with regards to the PNG itself, e.g.
      allow/disallow alpha layering/color spaces? Question: What about
      accessibility - is there information we can add for blind people that
      use a file browser to navigate through a large amount of ODF files?
      Where can we store this information, and are there recommendations to
      make to those making file browsers (including office applications, who
      may include this)? Question: Should we consider allowing an SVG preview
      image, if necessary with a PNG embedded? Question: Is there information
      we should store in the metadata of the PNG? Question: Some platforms
      may require other preview formats. E.g. NeoOffice currently seems to
      add a small pdf of the first page for the preview on Mac OS X. In fact,
      one could say that a low resolution version of a PDF rendering of an
      ODF file would be an interesting addition to the preview concept in ODF
      in some cases - it is a frozen, final format version. It might be
      interesting to recommend applications should be allowed to include the
      possiblity to include full PDF's in ODF as preview. That way hybrid
      PDF's are available both ways: PDF contained within ODF ('as last seen
      by the author', ODF contained within PDF ('meant as a final
      publication, but you can edit it if you want'. Of course these two
      mechanisms should not loop.




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