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      19.571.10 states the following:

      19.571.10 <draw:caption>, <draw:custom-shape>, <draw:circle>,
      <draw:control>, <draw:ellipse>, <draw:frame>, <draw:rect>,
      <draw:page-thumbnail>, <draw:path>, <draw:polygon>,
      <draw:polyline>, <draw:regular-polygon>
      See §5.1.2 of [SVG]. For drawing shapes that have a non rectangular shape, the length refers to
      the drawing shape's bounding box.
      If the svg:width and svg:height attributes specify different values for a <draw:circle>
      element, the radius of the circle is derived from the smaller of the two values, and the circle is
      centered within the bounding box.

      When working on a bug report in Calligra I found out that if there is a draw:circle with a type section LO/AOO uses svg:width, svg:height, svg:x and svg:y as there would be a full circle. This is done in LO/AOO also for a draw:ellipse. However in svg:x and svg:y there is no such notice. It even states "See §5.1.2 of [SVG]. For drawing shapes that have a non rectangular shape, the coordinate
      refers to the drawing shape's bounding box.". In my understanding the bounding box is the rect that encloses the visible part on the screen. So if only a quarter of a circle is shown only the rect around the quarter is the bounding box.

      I would like to clarify what is the intended meaning of the values so that the bug can be fixed correctly.




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