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      part 3


      Frances Cave has discovered the following typos and formatting errors. Any of them can be pulled out for Jira issues if we need to address them separately. 

      I notice in passing the following minor formatting issues:

      In 17.1 there is a blank bulleted list item, which should be deleted.
      In 20.352 there is a double space after ‘If’ at the beginning of the second paragraph.

      Double spaces should be reduced to one space in the following places where they occur mid-sentence (I’ve ignored double spaces between sentences and some other less odious occurrences):

      Table 3, row 2, column 2, between “from” and “elements”
      2.2.1, D.1, between “conform” and “to”. Also, for consistency, remove blank line above “C)” on same page.
      2.2.1, D.3, between “value” and “has”
      5.3.6, second paragraph, between “5.3.1” and “element”.
      5.4.1, first paragraph, between “or” and “text”
      16.2, ninth paragraph, between “parent” and “styles”.
      19.15.1, list item “chart:area”, third paragraph, between “the” and “order”.
      19.15.1, list item “chart:stock”, second paragraph, between “<chart:stock-gain-marker> and “11.20”.
      19.107, list item “matrix”, between “values” and “(<j>”.
      19.142, between “attributes” and “of”
      19.211, second paragraph, between “secondary” and “circle”.
      19.218.2, list item “linear”, between “linear:” and “defines”.
      19.373, between “<text:expression>,” and “<text:user-field-decl>”.
      Table 15, heading, between “Table” and “15”.
      19.472, list following fourth paragraph, item “numberValue”, between “[xmlschema-2]” and “decimal”.
      19.472, final paragraph, between “by” and “Table 16”.
      19.600, second Note, between “9.4.5” and “element”.
      19.856, between “attribute” and “19.857”. There is a full-stop missing after “19.857”.
      20.47, first paragraph, between “the” and “chart:regression-moving-type”.
      20.47, second paragraph, second sentence, between “Let” and formula.
      20.122, list item “true”, between “draw:fill-color” and “20.119”.
      20.230, second paragraph, between “overflow” and “text”.
      20.349, list item “distribute-space”, between “a” (which should be “an”) and “amount”.
      20.360, first paragraph, between “content” and “already”.
      20.405, list item “false”, between “paragraph” and “whenever”.
      20.405, list item “true”, between “paragraph” and “whenever”.
      20.418, first paragraph, between “shape” and “is”.


      Other nits:

      General: The style ‘Text Body’ used to have 1.4 mm above and below the paragraph, but has none in the CS. I think that the style properties need to be checked.
      4.3.1, third paragraph, remove open double quote at end (this was in ODF 1.2., change “a IRI” to “an IRI”.
      7.4.1, list item “User variables”, first paragraph, remove space at start of paragraph.
      Table 10, first row, column 4, change “a ellipse” to “an ellipse”.
      Table 10, several rows, column 4, change “a implied” to “an implied”.





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