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ODF 1.3 Chapter 19 - Optional Attributes - But No Default Values



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      Separate issues will be created for proposals to address each attribute. 

      Separate issues will be created for proposals to address each attribute. 


      Optional attributes in Chapter 19 of ODF 1.3, with no default values. The following is a summary of a spreadsheet created by Francis Cave. The full spreadsheet can be viewed here.

      chart:legend-align 19.22 Only used when the value of chart:legend-position is bottom, end, start or top. Should it have a default value in those cases?
      db:as-template 19.34  
      db:data-source-setting-is-list 19.39  
      db:is-ascending 19.56  
      db:is-autoincrement 19.57  
      db:is-clustered 19.58  
      db:is-empty-allowed 19.59  
      db:is-nullable 19.62 Bizarre that the values are not true and false...
      db:is-unique 19.64  
      db:max-row-count 19.68  
      dr3d:enabled 19.97  
      dr3d:lighting-mode 19.99 Possibly different defaults for use with <chart:plot-area> (19.99.2) and <dr3d:scene> (19.99.3).
      dr3d:projection 19.102 A default value is specified when the attribute is used with <draw:enhanced-geometry> but not when used with either of the other two.
      dr3d:shade-mode 19.103 A default value is specified when the attribute is used with <draw:enhanced-geometry> but not when used with either of the other two.
      dr3d:specular 19.106  
      draw:align 19.111  
      draw:dots1 19.135  
      draw:dots2 19.137  
      form:auto-complete 19.252  
      form:current-state 19.261  
      form:focus-on-click 19.274  
      form:list-linkage-type 19.284  
      form:list-source-type 19.286 Since the value value:list cannot be used with <form:combobox>, why is this not enforced by the schema?
      form:navigation-mode 19.295  
      form:orientation 19.297  
      form:repeat 19.302  
      form:tab-cycle 19.309  
      form:visual-effect 19.317  
      number:min-denominator-digits 19.353  
      number:min-exponent-digits 19.354  
      number:min-integer-digits 19.355 The text specifies how to interpret absence of the attribute when used in <number:fraction>, but not in the other two cases.
      number:min-numerator-digits 19.357  
      number:possessive-form 19.359  
      number:style 19.362.1 A value is presumably meaningless if the value of the number:format-source attribute is not fixed.
      office:boolean-value 19.371 Only evaluated if the value of the meta:value-type attribute on the corresponding <meta:user-defined> element is boolean. Maybe this attribute must have a specified value in such cases? Otherwise, a default value is needed.
      office:display 19.378 The meanings of the values true and false are not specified. Why not? They are in almost all other cases.
      presentation:class 19.393  
      presentation:play-full 19.412  
      presentation:user-transformed 19.431  
      smil:calcMode 19.443 Default value is not specified when used with <anim:transitionFilter>.
      smil:fill 19.450 The default value may be default, as in 19.406 and 19.458.
      smil:fillDefault 19.451  
      smil:repeatCount 19.456  
      style:leader-color 19.488  
      style:leader-style 19.489  
      style:leader-type 19.492  
      style:leader-width 19.493  
      style:num-letter-sync 19.505  
      style:type 19.519.2,3  
      style:volatile 19.521  
      table:function 19.647.3  
      table:grouped-by 19.650  
      table:protected 19.700.3  
      table:refresh-delay 19.705  
      table:show-details 19.713  
      table:show-empty 19.714  
      table:table 19.732  
      table:table-background 19.733  
      text:caption-sequence-format 19.769  
      text:continue-numbering 19.786  
      text:current-value 19.791 Presumably, a default value would be meaningless in this case.
      text:display 19.802.3,4,7-12  
      text:fixed 19.809  
      text:footnotes-position 19.810  
      text:is-hidden 19.821  
      text:page-adjust 19.851.2,3  
      text:protected 19.855  
      text:reference-format 19.860 The text generated from the schema is unnecessarily repetitive, since the possible values are the same for both <text:reference-ref> and <text:bookmark-ref>.
      text:select-page 19.869.3  
      text:start-numbering-at 19.875  
      text:table-type 19.885  
      xlink:show 19.917 No default value is specified when this attribute is used with <draw:a>, <draw:area-circle>, <draw:area-polygon>, <draw:area-rectangle>, <meta:hyperlink-behaviour>, <presentation:sound> or <text:a>.




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