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      The OSLC Query spec does not define paging. The earlier and now obsolete OSLC simple query defined paging support using oslc.limit and oslc.offset.

      OSLC Core 3.0 describes resource paging:
      1) LDPC paging is a SHOULD
      2) OSLC paging is a MAY.

      However LDPC paging was defined after the OSLC Core 2.0 specs were published. If a server implements paging, it is most likely for query results. Query results are more likely to use OSLC paging in existing implementations. Does Core 3.0 need to be changed to reflect a changed order, or perhaps both #1 and #2 should be a MAY?

      I think the query spec should discuss paging, but reference OSLC Core for the details. OSLC Core should reference the current LDPC paging information at Since query results may contain additional triples from associated resources of member resources through the use of nested properties, the spec should give some guidance as to how the page boundaries might be implemented.




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