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      The OSLC Query 2.0 specification does not give any examples of paging. If LDPC paging is used then the examples shown in are insufficient. The issue is that most implementations will want to use a stateless paged query. This means that a query request to get page N of the results MUST repeat the query expression in oslc.where,, oslc.orderBy. It would be better if the query spec included examples showing this.

      Also, since one cannot determine ordering within a query response (see, it's not clear how a server constructs a query for the next page. If the query result included some form of sequence number, then thge next page URI could include a query parameter for the next sequence number.

      If we conclude that we should return some form of ordering triple for each member (perhaps oslc:sequence), then that could be used to support explicit ordering and page sequenciing.




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