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OSLC Paging, splitting a resource across pages



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      http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/OslcCoreSpecification#Resource_Paging includes this text:

      " A client can also request paging by adding the "key=value" pair oslc.pageSize to the query string component of the resource URI. By adding this, a client requests that the server respond with a specific number of property values. For example, oslc.pageSize=20 indicates to the server that the client would like 20 values per page. OSLC Services MAY ignore oslc.pageSize.

      When Resource Paging is used, the values of a multi-valued property MAY be split across resource pages. Each property value MUST be represented in its entirety and not split across multiple partial resource pages. "

      The last paragraph appears to be self-contradictory. It's unclear whether the spec is saying that all the values of a property MUST appear on a single page (as per the 2nd sentence) or MAY be split across multiple pages (as per the 1st sentence).




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