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      1. Initial submission

      [ X ] Set up a Google Doc or Markdown page from the charter template for the proposers use

      [ X ] Set up an Atlassian Confluence space and Jira instance to support the migration of assets.
      o Confluence is at
      o Jira is at

      [ X ] Project sponsors - submit final OP charter to OASIS. (In other words, get a specific statement from the proposers that the charter is officially submitted.)

      Charter was submitted 3/19/22. See the final draft at

      [ X ] OP Admin & Biz dev - Conduct final review of the new OP charter for technical compliance with OP Process requirements (e.g. no TMs, no unapproved use of OASIS names, no typos, names and email for initial proposers provided, etc.)

      [N/A] OP Admin & Sponsors - If the proposed name includes a reference to an OASIS Technical Committee (TC) or specification title, or the name of another Open Project, obtain approval from the relevant body for its use in the name.

      [N/A] OP Admin - If the charter submission fails for any reason, return the charter to the sponsors with a list of the corrections needed.

      [ ] OP Admin & Biz dev - Review any special requirements for the Open Project and, if necessary, address with the proposers (the proposed PGB members)

      2. Set up the project's assets

      [ ] If the Sponsors are bringing an existing website or other resources to the OP, review and determine what modifications will be needed to bring it into line as an OASIS OP.

      [ X ] Set up project website URL (register URL)

      Scott has obtained

      [ ] Set up the initial GitHub organization

      Note: use our template oasis-open-project repo and project-records repo from oasis-dev/documentation to set up our boilerplate project management text.

      [ X ] Set up mailing list(s)

      Note: start with a general discussion email and the PGB email. PGB members should be invited with permission to post. Others can subscribe read-only. Others set up on request. TSC set up only after PGB acts to form the TSC.)
      [ ] Set up project team(s)

      Note: project teams are how we manage Maintainers and other collections of people, such as the Project Governing Board, on GitHub hosted projects.
      3. Announce the Open Project

      [ ] OP Admin - Announce the availability of project resources to the members of the PGB and any other people who have been associated with the project launch but who may have chosen not to be part of the PGB. As for review and feedback prior to public announcement. Give the contacts two or three days to get back with comments.

      [ ] OP Admin & Biz dev - Announce the start of the project publicly via normal communications channels (members@ mailing list, the project mailing list, the OASIS website, social media, etc.)





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