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      [ X ] Convener - Submit final new TC proposal to OASIS 

      [ X ] TC Admin - Open a TCATKTS JIRA ticket to manage the execution of remaining tasks.
      JIRA ticket:

      [ X ] TC Admin - Capture initial best-guess TC data

      TC ShortName: VSMI TC

      IPR Mode: Non-Assert

      TC Name: OASIS Value Stream TC

      Note who submitted: Kelly Cullinane

      Draft charter:

      The projected timeline for basic milestones is:

      submission  5/3/2022
      c4c start 5/4
      c4c end  5/17
      convener call 5/19
      set up TC assets (Kavi, etc.): 5/21
      c4p (latest possible date) 6/1
      first mtg, conference call (earliest possible date)  7/11

      [ X ] TC Admin / Biz dev - Conduct final review of the submitted new TC proposal technical compliance with TC Process requirements, typos, etc.

      [ X ] TC Admin - Distribute Call for Comment (announcement) to OASIS lists

      [ X ] IS - Send email to Myles Support for first communication on new TC startup ( )
      Include link to call for comment, agreed-upon tc shortname and target dates for convener call, call for participation, first meeting.

      [ X ] TC Admin - Schedule the convener call

      [ X ] IS - Create the Kavi workgroup (Add New Group) with initial setup defaults

      [ X ] IS - Add OASIS Staff representatives to Roster. Add the pseudo user "Web Master" as an OASIS Staff rep to create link between JIRA and TC mailing list so TC Admin requests get to the TC.

      [ X ] IS - Create new TC startup files, e.g., .php/.shtml upon notification/request; Robin notify: Bitlancer. *Prerequisites: immutable tc-shortName and tc-fullName, TC IPR Mode

      [ X ] IT/IS - Create MarkMail aliases via update of and alert Matt Olson (KaviCorp) via email or file or Git repo notification, for deployment in the Kavi backend, upon notification/request (Bitlancer) *Prerequisite: immutable tc-shortName

      vsmi@ =

      vsmi-comment@ =

      vsmi-chair@ =

      [ X ] IS - Create initial content for TC website: Notes, Description

      [ X ] IS - Manage / assign TC categories for the new TC and add to new website list

      [ X ] TC Admin - Hold convener call

      [ X ] Convener - If any changes identified, submit final TC proposal to OASIS

      Submitted 5/30/2022

      [ X ] IS Convey the Charter text (charter proper, Section 1) to Bitlancer for preparation of the file "charter.php"

      [N/A ] TC Admin - If charter is updated, circulate the final TC proposal for sanity check review

      [ X ] IS - Update bitlancer with final plain text of the proposal (for entry into Kavi), final First Meeting date and "latest date to join with voting rights."

      [ X ] IT - Publish charter (part 1 of submitted proposal) on TC public page

      [ X ] IS - Update the details in the Kavi Group to reflect first meeting date, last date to join+vote, per agreed details

      [ X ] IS - Modify the Kavi workgroup configuration to make the TC public home page visible to membership and the public. Notify Chet [TC Admin] that all CFP prerequisites have been met

      [ X ] TC Admin - Issue Call for Participation


      [ X ] IS - Notify Bitlancer with request to update the Charter with link to CFP announcement

      [ X ] IS - Check MarkMail archives to ensure that archiving/indexing is working, per Kavi work order

      [ X ] IT - Update Kavi Charter page to include CFP link (Robin to notify Bitlancer with URI reference)

      [ X ] Convener and TC Administration - Schedule TC first meeting on calendar

      [ X ] TC Admin - Issue call for nominations for Chair

      [ X ] TC Admin - Issue reminder of deadline to join in order to be eligible to vote at the first meeting

      [ X ] TC Admin - Publish list of members eligible to vote at first meeting to TC mailing list and co-proposers

      [ X ] Convener and TC Administration - Convene first meeting

      [ X ] IS - Create and test the comment list function (+ OASIS/MarkMail archives) on the day of first meeting or ASAP thereafter, and notify the TC members

      [ X ] IS - Change the TC page content in "Announcements" section after first meeting

      [ X ] TC Admin - Perform obligation counter update on day of first meeting - or just check/confirm correctness if this is automated

      [ X  ] TC Admin - Set role(s) for [Co-]Chair after election

      [ X ] Chair - Set signed-up+actuallyAttended "Members" to "Voting Member"




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