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Problem with "Text" in UBL 2.1 spreadsheet formula; schemas not affected



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      I've found an issue with the formula we are using in column "A" of the UBL 2.1 spreadsheets. I don't know who changed the formula from what we were using in UBL 2.0, but it turns out to be an incomplete change (and I think it would have failed with the UBL 2.0 formula anyway).

      For any given row, say row 1857 of the Common Library spreadsheet, this is how the formula reads for column A:

      =IF(G1857="UUID";"UUID";SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(IF(E1857="Universally Unique";"UU";E1857);IF(G1857<>I1857;H1857;F1857);CONCATENATE(IF(I1857="Identifier";"ID";IF(I1857="Text";"";I1857))));" ";"");"'";""))

      I picked row 1857 for a reason: in the UBL 2.1 spreadsheet column A is blank.

      Here are the other values in the given columns:

      B-DEN: Status. Text
      D-Object class: Status
      G-Property Term Primary Noun: Text
      H-Property Term: Text
      I-Representation Term: Text
      K-Data Type: Text. Type
      O-Cardinality: 0..n
      P-Component Type: BBIE
      Q-Definition: Provides any textual information related to this status.
      T-Current Version: 2.1

      This is a non-substantive error in the UBL 2.1 package. The schemas are correct and are not affected by this error (the schemas were created from genericode files where the UBL name is correctly entered).

      The formula has to be repaired before we continue working with the spreadsheets. I found the fault while preparing the spreadsheets for collaborative editing.




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