Adam Wojnakowski: Trace Financial Ltd.:

      I found that some schemas that seemed invalid against the JSON schema specification 0.4 - 0.7.

      I’ve summarized the encountered issues below. Just wanted to check if this is intended and if so, why? Else, we just wanted to let you know.

      Most of the schemas have a misplaced “additionalProperties” keyword.

      “additionalProperties” placed as child of “properties”, for example: file UBL-UnqualifiedDataTypes-2.1.json, line 207
      though not prohibited, the “additionalProperties” keyword for type “array” has no meaning. An example: file UBL-CreditNote-2.1.json, line 58

      The “format” keyword with value “date-time” is used together with a “pattern” keyword, but the pattern does not match a valid “date-time” format.

      According to JSON Schema specification the date-time should comply to ISO 8601 and consist of: full-date T full-time
      But this will never match some of the patterns. For example:

      File UBL-UnqualifiedDataTypes-2.1.json, at line 218, defines a property called “DateContent” and the “format” : ”date-time” keyword is used.
      The regex pattern at line 226: ^*[^T:-][^T:]$
      will not allow the ISO 8601 date time, where the time part is required with ‘:’ separators.




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