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Lots: need for multiple identifiers




      In the Italian context, Lots are tagged with a unique identifier (in Italy, it is named CIG) which is obtained from a central authority and that is fundamental for monitoring national expenditure.
      The national implementation of electronic ESPD could use cbc:ID to reference this unique identifier, with disregard to the naming convention suggested in the guide. Nevertheless, the naming convention does make sense, especially from the EOs perspective: when producing a ESPD response, the EO should be able to identify the Lots for which it is bidding by means of a human-readible identifier (also declared in the contract notice).
      This brings to the need for multiple identifiers: * a Lot identifier, useful for interoperability among systems in the e-procurement framework;
      • a Lot identifier which is much more a title for the Lot, recalling what is declared in the contract notice, useful for the software application on the EO side, in order to ease the filling in of the document;

      In the Italian case, it should always be possible to associate a CIG given a title of the Lot: this information should be carried by the ESPD, otherwise software applications would require extra data to process the information correctly.
      Would it be possible to add an additional identifier to the ProcurementProjectLot?|




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