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Need for identification for different linguistic versions of a Notice / document



      Need to specify the availability of Official and Nonofficial linguistic version for a given document.

      This may apply to referenced documents (ex: CallForTendersDocumentReference, ProcurementLegislationDocumentReference,FiscalLegislationDocumentReference, EnvironmentalLegislationDocumentReference) or to the current notice itself.

      This may be of interest for countries where multiple languages are used.

      In Luxembourg, legislation is in french, some texts are however available in English and few in German. Similar situations could be found in Switzerland (French, German, Italian), Belgium (French, Dutch, German), Netherlands (Dutch, English), Canada (English, French) ... Per courtesy translations may not have the same legal power as an official text but the knowledge of their existance may be appreciated.

      The same applies for a Notice for which some linguistic versions may have a same legal power (Official ones) and others not (Nonofficial ones)

      It would be appreciated to have two optional & repeatable elements:

      • DocumentOfficialLanguage (BT-702)
      • DocumentNonofficialLanguage (for clear identification of available, however nonofficial linguistic version)

      Both containing a single element:

      • LanguageCode

      These element could be allowed at the first level of the PIN, CN and CAN notices and within the referenced documents:

      • CallForTendersDocumentReference, 
      • ProcurementLegislationDocumentReference,
      • FiscalLegislationDocumentReference, 
      • EnvironmentalLegislationDocumentReference




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