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Privacy - Delayed publication of some fields




      For privacy reason, some information in a notice may be withheld for a specified period. The Not Immediately Published Information may appear at different places of the notice, therefore the set of information below may repeat as many time  as needed.

      • Unpublished Identifier (Identifier): Identifier of the field that shall not be immediately published. Only fields concerning the Result value and groups of fields concerning the Winning Tender and Procedure Lot Result can be unpublished. In the case of the sectoral Directive, the award criteria, the procurement procedure and certain dates can be unpublished as well.
      • Unpublished Justification Code (Code): The justification for not immediately publishing a field.
      • Unpublished Justification Description (Text): The justification for not immediately publishing a field and for the choice of a later date at which it can be published.
      • Unpublished Accessibility Date (Date): The later date at which the originally unpublished field shall be published.

      I couldn’t find any mechanism in UBL that could deal with this




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