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Dealing with Contract Modification




      This may follow a similar approach as for Notice Changes (UBL-212)

      Some elements are common (or quite close) to ones for changes

      • Modification Previous Section Identifier (Identifier): An identifier of one or more sections within a previous notice within the procedure. The information in the modification section refers to this section or these sections.
      • Modification Description (Text): The summary of the contract modification(s).
      • Modification Reason Code (Code): The main reason for modifying the contract.
      • Modification Reason Description (Text): The description of the main reason for modifying the contract.

      Some more “Contract Modification” specific information is also expected ("Overall price" before & after modification, "inflation rate") when this applies.

      Publication of a whole CAN, with updated values, would ensure other requirements (cf. annex V Part G, 2014/24/UE) are met while reusing existing document type and reducing the learning curve effect that the introduction of any new type of document could induce.

      The highlight of changes has also been requested; does anything exist that could help highlight “changes” or should this have a purely technical solution?




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